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The Chartered Institute of Housing, is the professional organisation for people working in housing. With its headquarters in United Kingdom, it plays a leading role in setting standards in policy formulation, training and education and professional development in housing management. The Asian Pacific Branch acts as the overseas representative office of the Institute.

Message from the Chairman

Dear CIHAPB Members,

In the past year of 2018, it was a very important and meaningful year for the Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch (CIHAPB). We have achieved fruitful results in all aspects of our works, including professional development in the Asia Pacific region, collaboration with UK headquarters, professional sharing, management of membership promotion, etc., and we did make a great progress in these areas. At the same period of time, we have maintained close connection with our members and others professional bodies to encourage the experience sharing among them, enhancing professionalism and expand our membership base.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Immediate Past Chairman Mr. Kenny Chow, Deputy Chairman Mr. Paul Fung, all members of Executive Committee and Sub-Committees, all CIHAPB members, and all of our partners who have given full support to us. Without the unfailing support and selfless dedication of all professional bodies and the industry practitioners, CIHAPB cannot have accomplished our present achievement.

As a new CIHAPB chairman and also the first one coming from mainland China area, I sincerely thank for the blessing and support from the past Chairmen and Executive Committee members. At the same time, I understand that to be a Chairman is not an easy task and it is a challenging mission for me. I will try my best endeavour during my term of office to collaborate the advantages of the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to serve our members, promote the professional development of the industry and build up CIHAPB as the platform for members to exchange their experience and professional development. In the coming year, I have the following objectives:

  1. Enhancing Member Services

    In the past year, our membership had a growth of more than 5.5%. This year, we will not only expand our membership, but also enhance our member services. We aim to organize a number of forums about property management and real estate in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China with other professional bodies and invite the industry experts to share their successful stories and management experience. In addition, we will also create more opportunities to hold forums and sharing sessions, to arrange visits and study tours to excellent and special projects for members to have more experience exchange and learning chances.

  2. Professional Development

    CIHAPB will adhere to our mission of promoting professionalism to continue to advocate the professional development in the Asia Pacific region and to contribute in bringing up the professional standards of the industry. We will continue to maintain connections and communications with housing-related authorities and professional institutes in different areas of Asia Pacific region to have our professional development and member services implemented there. Up to date, we have to take the chance and the trend of fast-changing market environment and new technology advance to upkeep our competence and competitive edges to enhance the industry's vivid running and development. In the coming period, CIHAPB will try to bring in this kind of topics for members' sharing.

  3. Learning and Promoting New Technology

    We should be committed to learning and promoting of new technologies. We have observed that the application of new technologies will improve management efficiency, control the cost effectively, enhance users' experience, bring up service quality, etc. In addition, we should also note that mainland China has had a great progress in technology development, especially in the areas of green building and green management, and smart building and smart management. We will pay close attention on it, learn and recommend this trend to facilitate the industry development.

  4. Strengthening Communication with Property Management Industry in Mainland China

    China is playing an increasingly important role in the development of world economy. Mainland China is the world's largest property and asset management market. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Xiongan New District and Hainan Free Trade Port are undergoing large-scale planning and construction. CIHAPB should also grasp this opportunity of the development in mainland China, strengthening communication and cooperation with the mainland property management industry, and render our support by sharing CIHAPB's know-how and experience.

  5. Strengthening Communication with Professional Institutes in Different Countries and Regions

    Following the internationalization process and the "The Belt and Road Initiative", we need to further strengthen our contacts with professionals and institutes in the Asia Pacific region. In 2019, we will be dedicated to arranging more visits, study tours and learning opportunities in the Asian-Pacific region, to enhance the knowledge and experience sharing and to bring CIHAPB's development to a higher level.

  6. Closely Monitoring on Progress of Legislation of Hong Kong Property Management Service Ordinance

    In the year of 2018, CIHAPB has timely expressed its views on the public consultation of the licensing regime of the property management company and property management practitioner under the Property Management Services Ordinance. In 2019, CIHAPB will continue to closely follow up the relevant issues and report the progress to our members accordingly.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all CIHAPB members for their continuous support. I sincerely hope that CIHAPB members could keep on actively participating in all CIHAPB activities and give us your valuable opinions and suggestions in the coming year. Let us work together to bring achievements to CIHAPB further.

I wish all our members good health and every success in their career.

Wu Yicheng
Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch