News > Fall into a Lift Well of an Office Building
Date : 10 May 2023
Topic: Fall into a Lift Well of an Office Building
Organizer: Labour Department
Brief Meassage:

Dear Sirs / Madams,

Fall into a Lift Well of an Office Building

The Labour Department has issued a newly released Work Safety Alert which is available in our website at

Copy of the Work Safety Alert is also attached for your reference.

Furthermore, the Labour Department has currently produced twenty-four animation videos on "Dismantling of Truss-out Bamboo Scaffolds", "Electrical Work", "Work at Height Safety", "Safe Operation of Excavator", "Fall through a Floor Opening", "Fall from a Wooden Ladder", "Struck by Excavator", "Struck by Falling Objects during Lifting", "Electrocuted while Clearing Up Electric Arc Welding Equipment", "Trapped by a Lift Car", "Struck to Death due to Bursting of Tyre", "Fall through a Fragile Roof", "Struck by Falling Object", "Fall from a Bamboo Scaffold", "Fall from a Roof Edge", "Electrical Repairing Work", "Crushed by Toppled Metal Panels", "Struck to Death by a Reversing Vehicle", "Flashover occurred at a Fuel Drum while Welding", "Trapped by Dangerous Part of Material Conveyor Belt", "Fall through a balcony with permanent railings", "Trapped by Dangerous Parts of Machinery" (New), "Pressed to Death by a Toppled Sliding Gate" (New) and "Gas Poisoning in Confined Space for Underground Pipework" (New) which have already been uploaded to our website.   You may download or browse the animation videos through the hyperlink provided below.

We would appreciate if you could help disseminate the newly released Work Safety Alert and the twenty-four animation videos through your channels.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Occupational Safety and Health Branch at 2559 2297.

Labour Department