Welcome to CIH Asian Pacific Branch

The Chartered Institute of Housing, is the professional organisation for people working in housing. With its headquarters in United Kingdom, it plays a leading role in setting standards in policy formulation, training and education and professional development in housing management. The Asian Pacific Branch acts as the overseas representative office of the Institute.


Message from the Chairman

Being elected as the Chairman of the Asian Pacific Branch, I am both deeply honoured as well as highly anxious. As an academic in professional education, it creates an opportunity for myself in deepening my personal understanding of the profession and at the same time to contribute in bringing professional training closer to practice. Yet I am also vigilantly aware of the immense responsibility I need to undertake in exceling further on the remarkable accomplishments my predecessors have already laid, particularly at this juncture when the profession is well prepared to enter a new era.

Housing management in the Region has been undergoing leapfrog advancement in the past decades. Not only have economic prosperity and demographic changes in the Region created greater demand for housing management services, people's desire for better quality of living has also pushed the business environment to be more competitive. This has induced the quest for excellence to become, not merely a slogan of marketing, but the essentials of business survival. Against such backcloth, housing management professionals, and the Hong Kong government alike, have been on full swing in keeping the impetus in the pursuit of high standard service and to create the momentum for further innovation.

It is under such context housing management in Hong Kong is stepping into a new phrase of professionalization. After extensive consultation, a social consensus has been reached in which a new regulatory framework is to be set up in assuring the high level of professional housing management service will continue to be rendered by qualified professional housing managers. The Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch has been rigorously involved in setting up such a framework and will continue our contribution in the legislation and implementation stages. We would also joint hands with our sister institutions in both the industry and the educational sector in developing appropriate training programmes at all levels to ensure the continuation of the supply of new recruits to the profession.

As leader of the housing management industry in the Region, Hong Kong performs a pivotal role in offering our experience in assisting our neighbouring cities in enhancing both the upkeeping of the built environment and at the same time improving people's quality of living. A direct contribution we have made, and will be furnishing further, is the extension of our membership in the Region. With our credential in maintaining high professional service standards of our members, we are helping to setup a quality workforce for the industry in the Region. Whilst hundreds of experienced practitioners at managerial grades have joined the Institute by the direct final route, we are also working hard in creating validated academic programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the higher education sector of the Region. We need to maintain a balance between engaging experienced practitioners in consolidating their rich experience within a well established and internationally recognized professional framework and the establishment of organized channels through formal education in equipping young recruits with the essential professional knowledge and skills.

As the new Chairman, I am privileged to have a highly capable and experienced team of elected and co-opted members in the Executive Committee to realise our ambition as well as a remarkably efficient and effective secretariat led by our General Manager in making sure our work can be duly implemented. Yet the most essential supporting force still rest with the broad membership base we have in the Region. Without the unfailing support from all of our members in the Region, it would not be possible for our aspiration to be realised.

YIP Ngai Ming
Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch
18 February 2013