Welcome to CIH Asian Pacific Branch

The Chartered Institute of Housing, is the professional organisation for people working in housing. With its headquarters in United Kingdom, it plays a leading role in setting standards in policy formulation, training and education and professional development in housing management. The Asian Pacific Branch acts as the overseas representative office of the Institute.


Message from the Chairman

Mr Ng Kwong Ming, Paul

It is my honour to be elected as the Chairman of the Asian Pacific Branch. I joined the Institute as student member in early 80s and have been practising Housing Management as my life-long career since then. I treasure this as my honourable opportunity to serve the Institute as well as the industry before my retirement in the coming future. Meanwhile, I'd like to pay tribute to all the preceding Chairmen for their visions and contributions in nurturing APB to achieve remarkable development in the region. The phenomenal achievements of the preceding Chairmen have inspired me of the heavy and tough mission that I have to shoulder in the year to come.

I´m sure you would agree with me that Housing Management has been well recognized in the region as a professional industry by different communities as well as the governments. For example, in Korea, obtaining a licence has already been a pre-requisite for housing management practitioners. Our Mainland China has also launched similar licensing system for property managers in the last couple of years. For Macau, licensing of property management practitioners is now in the pipeline. Whereas in Hong Kong, licensing of Housing Management Companies and practitioners is also being pursued in full speed with the Property Management Services Bill is now undergoing the second reading of the legislative procedures. While I anticipate the ordinance would come to effect by the last quarter of this year, we would be in close collaboration with different educational institutes to tailor appropriate courses for new practitioners to meet with the licensing requirements.

Concerning the issue of consultation document on Review of Building Management Ordinance by Home Affairs Department in November last year, the industry will be confronting various uncertainties and challenges in the coming years. In response, we have solicited members' opinions to these controversial amendments and worked with our sister Institutes and other Housing Management professional bodies to ensure our views and suggestions on the consultation document could be fully aware of by HAD.

As a continuous initiative to enhance the professionalism of our members, our Executive Committee has decided to implement a mandatory CPD this year for all professional members in Hong Kong. For that, I would work closely with our Professional Practice Committee to ensure sufficient support would be given to the members in accomplishing the CPD requirements.

I always keep in mind that one of the paramount missions of APB is to promote the art and science of Housing Management in the region. My predecessors have successfully recruited remarkable number of members in Mainland China through direct final routing or our validated diploma/degree courses in different Universities and Educational Institutes. To maintain our membership in Mainland China, we would expedite strategies in providing services to members in the region. We trust that the income from our training partners in Mainland China would provide sufficient financial resources for these services.

I am confident that with the usual relentless support from the dedicated teammates in our Executive Committee and the members in the region, the APB will be able to continue contributing to the Housing Management industry and delivering a better future to the members.

Mr Ng Kwong Ming, Paul